Book of Rememberance

Malachi 3:16

The Game With Minutes

on December 25, 2010

Those of you who enjoy reading  may recognize this from Frank Laubach. It is inspiring to say the least and as he reveals in his letters about his dissatisfaction with his own relationship with God, I too find myself in this same predicament. I am charged by his writing about this experiment to keep Jesus in our minds one second of every minute. He is correct in his assumption that we need  people from all over the world, in various situations, jobs and places to share their journeys. Franks question he posed years ago is sticking with me since reading his book about a hundred times these past 2 yrs.

“Is it possible for anyone and everyone to “pray constantly” as Paul instructs, and to walk moment by moment guided but the Lord as Jesus Himself did while he lived on earth?” (paraphrased)

As of now it seems impossible! Insurmountable! I’m having a hard time doing it hour by hour! But all things are possible with God! and I do believe His heart is in this one! I too will strive for more of Him in my life, and determine to know and DO His Will as perfectly as I possibly can. I am determined to have as much of Jesus as He is willing to give me!

Its going to take time, investment of time! But I know it will be worth it, and the intimacy I hope expectantly to experience with Him is the reason I write this! I have a terrible memory, and I would love to look back one day and read these and marvel at the changes, progression and record one Glory to the next!

This is my Journey, As of now it is my sole (soul) adventure, hopefully to be joined by others in time.


2 responses to “The Game With Minutes

  1. Chris says:

    Congrads on getting the blog set up, it’s looking good so far.

    I’ve only known you a few short years but I’ve already noticed a big change and progress. I’m sure even bigger are still to come.

  2. Kevin says:

    I tried this experiment today as I read this in the morning. My results:

    -I do think about Him constantly. But I would not classify it as once a minute.

    -I would say I think about Him at least once an hour, easily. Probably every half hour. I usually just think of Him standing there in glory. Or I think of a song, usually something by Tomlin.

    -When I think of Him, I feel more uplifted and empowered.

    -I do feel more in love with the HS because of it.

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