Book of Rememberance

Malachi 3:16

Writers Dismissive….

on January 10, 2011

Have been struggling a bit this past two weeks, cant seem to press through right now. Holding on to past Words, scriptures that remind me I am not alone and trying to reconcile my will with His Will, my desires with His Desires and of course my sins with His Word.

It has not been easy. Many tears and many more convictions. What to do when you meet the seemingly (it’s still early!)  perfect person at the most imperfect time in either of your lives?

Of course most of me says Seize it!  and to be honest most advice I have been given is pretty much the same – from both christian and non-christian circles! Which of course leads to confusion…..

The decisions we make affect us eternally and what happens when the choice is just plain bad!?

I made a few this week, hard ones, that I now question – but it’s too late! You know when you make choices like that – which do not just effect you but also other people…And not only another person is currently affected by this choice but salvation and “God’s integrity” is now on the line as well….

The thing I am learning most about God through this current “storm” is His love for us, his beloved children! Just like my earthly daddy I ran to my Heavenly Daddy last night, in tears and repentance for a possibly incorrect decision (still yet to be determined) and asked Him, to please clean up the mess I may have made, to give me His wisdom and words for this situation. To be able to walk through this in a Godly manner worthy of the calling I have as a child of His Kingdom.

And you know what, He always comes through! The peace and love I received from Him as I laid before His throne quieted my soul. And knowing that no matter what I did, or how bad of a choice I may have made that God is still in control and He will work with me to rectify the mistakes and give me peace and confidence in the choices I made.

Thankfully there is a difference between making poor choices and out right sinning, Though I refer to my choices this week as possible sin – it is not because of a transgression of Gods Holy Word directly – it is in the possibility of leading to a needlessly savage heartbreak that I as of yet am not going to handle as I could have had I waited on His timing.

There is something to be said of Gods timing…..It is always perfect, Bree’s timing has proved to be nothing less than full of anxiety, worry and wondering.

Hard lessons learned – again but growth is in progress! These situations are needed to humble us, create broken and contrite hearts within us and make us mold-able and pliable in His Loving Hands!



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