Book of Rememberance

Malachi 3:16

Here I am Lord

on September 8, 2011

I believe God speaks. I believe He speaks to each of us every day…if we are in the position to hear Him.

I have learned about this “God speaking” thing slowly and still struggle many times with it in my own heart, and mind. But the fact remains. God speaks.

He sometimes tells us difficult things to hear, and other times he dotes on us and is just so sweet to us that its hard to even accept His affection!

I had often questioned Gods word in my heart, especially if it lines up with what I have wanted or been praying for…. “is that you Lord?” Id ask, “Or is that just me hearing what I want you to be saying?” God speaks in a still small voice. Sometimes it is so loud inside our hearts we can not resist His rushing power. Other times its so quiet and sounds nearly like our own whispers of the heart.

Step out to/and find out I guess is the only answer. At times it looks like it’s not working out how you thought God had spoken it, but then its important to know what God spoke – He spoke something into my heart this past week… and I heard it the way I heard…things seemed to instantly start heading in that direction…. God works fast right? haha but now it seems that isn’t working out just as quickly and perfectly as I had thought.

Maybe I heard God wrong?  Maybe it was my own selfish wishes. Maybe he didn’t say anything at all. Or just maybe, its in the process of coming to pass, but many things need to align in order for this promise to reach fruitation. and maybe its just time to be still and know that  HE IS GOD. His ways are above finding out – though I would have done it differently…He does it properly. He does it thoroughly and He does it for lasting fruit….. my ways may be quicker, simpler, but will they yield lasting fruit? Will the tree withstand harsh times and cold winters? Prolly not! 🙂

As I wait for His Will to unfold in my life, I will continue to praising, worshiping thanking Him for His love and Goodness. I dont get it but then again if I did wouldnt that put me on equal standing with God? Cant have that, and He will not share His Glory with another.

I am content, hurting but content. Smiling through my tears, and praising through the hurt and pain. God is a Good God. He loves me, He has a great plan, and He desires my fruit to last – whatever that takes, pruning, cutting away and graphing in.

Thank you Jesus for being the vine, and Father that you are my Husbandman pruning me and cutting away all that needs to go so that I may bear fruit and that my fruit shall last.  Glorifying your name and being everything You called and planted me to be!


2 responses to “Here I am Lord

  1. Yvonne says:

    What a wonderful post! I have felt so many of the same things you wrote here, especially how God speaks to us and often it isn’t what we want to hear and yet he’s always there to provide the guidance we need if we’re open to listen. It made me think back to a time when I was single and I wasn’t hearing what God was whispering to me and so I would block him out and only hurt in the process and it wasn’t until I finally accepted what he was saying to me that I started to see things turn in a better direction and feel good again in my heart and in my mind.

    • Bree says:

      This is very true! I used to do that much more often as well. I have a bad habit of not praying for something if I am afraid the answer wont be what I want to hear. Its having pretty much the same affect on me, and I’m really trying to recognize when I do that so I can quickly pray for my own will to either take a back seat and or align with His Will. Its so difficult and scary – but that’s where faith and trust come in right!
      Thanks for checking it out here! I am just starting to get into this really and I am hoping that God wants to use my own thoughts in a similar way to His using yours for me. Encouraging people is really starting to become something I seek more than I have in the past. A journey with God is never dull!

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