Book of Rememberance

Malachi 3:16

Blogging in the Spirit

on October 17, 2011

This has been a rather crazy week!  So many things going on I have about 4 drafts saved that I need to work on and I have no time!!  but God has been showing me so much these past few days and I have learned so many things. I’m still trying to grasp all of it and find a way to put it all in writing. My mind is packed full!

One of the greatest gifts and answered prayers came this week when I somehow managed to come across an awesome blog that was a direct answer to prayer.  God is just so cool the way He works that way. I can’t even tell you how I found it aside from it was Gods leading . The post I happened to come to wasn’t even the most recent post so it is even more miraculous that I was able to  find the one that I needed to read the most!

I have been praying for sometime for God to lead me to a person or writing to help encourage me and put life into perspective as far as my singleness and deep desires for a family.  God brought me to a blog in which the writer has a way of helping draw out ideas and thoughts in me to consider the bigger picture.

The post I read  is about marriage, singleness and our lives not always turning out the way we thought but that in the end Gods will is always more satisfying and He always comes through greater than we could have planned on our own. I knew all this cognitively but somehow until I read her thoughts my heart and soul didn’t get it. I now have so much peace and hope for God’s plan for my life, learning to take it one moment and day at a time and actually enjoying where I’m at on the way to where I’m going (… thanks Joyce) and really just making it a point to appreciate every day God has given me. This is the post that is currently in the process of changing my life!

I thank her so much for being available and willing to share her thoughts and I am ever thankful that God lead me to her writing and has allowed me to grow so much in such a simple way.

I hope that you guys will go and support her and you can also let her know how easy-going yet inspirational her writing truly is.



One response to “Blogging in the Spirit

  1. Yvonne says:

    Thank you again for sharing my post! I’m so happy to hear that my words helped in some way and even more so that now I can learn from your experiences and thoughts as well 🙂 God works in amazing ways! Blessings to you

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