Book of Rememberance

Malachi 3:16

Get a Life!

on November 22, 2011

Matthew 16:25 For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: and whosoever will lose his life for my sake shall find it.

save his life – salvage, protect, keep, prevent from loss.

his life – not Gods life for him, but his own life, his own hopes, dreams, visions, the life he planned and wanted for himself

shall lose it – Gods blessing wont/can’t be there. We may get what we want for a short time, but it is doomed from the start. Eventually everything we had will be lost, there may be a remnant but the form it took form the start of being the desired life will be lost.

If I lose this life I wanted, the one I planned for HIS SAKE, this is the only sake that is worth giving your dreams up for. I think this is a big lesson in itself. Giving up dreams for anyone or anything else besides Jesus is also worthless. For lack of vision people perish. (this would have to be a whole new posting/topic) but giving up dreams, wants and desires and surrendering them to Him we will find the TRUE Life. the HIGHER Life. the Life that can’t be lost, and is the only one that can truly satisfy – forever. It is the only Life with a guarantee. Nothing in this world is guaranteed. However, Jesus’ Word comes with that guarantee. We will find it. We will get that Life – the One He has desired for us to live and only then will we be truly satisfied.

Gain the world  – but lose the soul. Our soul is described as our mind, will and emotions. I think this is two-fold. To the multitude and hypocrites He is talking about their eternal life; but His disciples were also there. He was talking to them and us as much as to those who are without. So I think for us who have given up parts of our lives for Jesus – to follow Him then He still has a message for us aswell. If we choose to be following Him but still trying to salvage the dreams and life we had envisioned then we are in danger of losing our soul. Is this a heaven/hell thing? I don’t think so, not for the Redeemed. But I think there are ways Christians who love Jesus can lose their soul. We can be living for the Lord and striving for combining the two together and in the end we end up missing out on great things in His Life. We allow ourselves to be guided by emotions instead of the Holy Spirit. We will continue to live in fear, frustration, discontented, and uncertainty. I know I lived my life as a Christian under these circumstances for too long and I also know this is NOT His Plan, or His Vision for our lives!

Only when we truly surrender to His Life and lose our life for HIS SAKE can we truly possess The Life that He has died for us to live.

I’m learning this right as I type this out. Everything I have ever wanted in my life is standing in front of me. And it will take every ounce of Faith and Trust In the Lord that I can muster to allow me to lose that for His Sake. To embrace His Life for me and lose the life I have been dreaming of for nearly 25 years.

I have no doubt that He will give me the strength and desire to do this. And I am a little bit excited about what He has in store. But from this day forward will be trying times like no other I think. Through Him I will overcome!

God will finish just what He started, even if the waters got to be parted, I’ll lift up my hands and not be broken-hearted, God will finish what He started in me!


One response to “Get a Life!

  1. Anonymous says:

    I think this is one that people look at for the forest rather than for the individual trees. I think people never quite understand what this means and take it as everything they do is wrong. When in fact, it’s really more about making small changes in your own life. Tiny ripples which result in a tsunami of change. I always think it’s funny to think of how few changes people really need to make. Of course some of these seem impossible to people. I remember when I ditched drinking, it seemed humongous at the time but looking back it’s been pretty easy. Great read Bree.

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