Book of Rememberance

Malachi 3:16

Steak or ground beef?

on December 12, 2011

I was in the grocery store about a week ago … I really wanted steak. I like to go at night before the store closes cause then everything is marked down. As I was biking to the supermarket, I just casually wished to God that I hope to find some cheap steak.

I got there and sadly no cheap steak. They had tons of steak for about ¥1600 (roughly 16$ cause I don’t worry about exchange rates haha)

Anyhow, I was disappointed –  but  downgraded to ground beef to get my red-meat fix. The ground beef is about 8 steps from the steak but as I walked over I was annoyed about the  steak. So I gave a real heartfelt prayer in Jesus name that God would provide some cheap steak.

I turned around and took my  4-5 steps back to the steak and God Provided! Not only was there steak for cheap , it was FAR cheaper than I hoped for and it was the best steak I like to eat. I have not idea what it is in English or the meaning of it in Japanese (really don’t care) but its call “karubi” in Japanese. I got 14 pieces for only….¥290!!! That’s amazing even at 8pm at night!

Isn’t that a picture of our Christian life though? Without Jesus our life is ground beef , but with Him and His Mighty Name our life can be the best cut of Steak – provided by Him at hardly any cost to us….aside from time, love and devotion:) He already paid the full price! 

So the lesson is Pray –don’t just wish but Pray!!! And praying  with faith in Jesus name does impact our lives here on earth.

With praise and thanksgiving to the Only True God, Amen


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