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Malachi 3:16

Minister to the Lord, and Fast!

on January 2, 2012

This has been one of those amazing weeks. You know those ones where you can SEE God working in your life and a lot of what is going is really very tangible. I don’t get these experiences very often so I am really excited when they come my way.

I believe God is working every single day. Even when we cant see it or feel it He is working and He is bringing His Plan together in and for our lives. We live by Faith and not by sight but lets all admit it, they are fun times when our sight catches up a bit with our faith! 🙂

I have had quite a few people talk with me and ask me about fasting this week. Some of which didn’t have a clue that I have just come out of a fast, so that was pretty exciting – and Totally God!

So I decided to just pop up some basics here for those who may not be as familiar or comfortable with fasting. I learned the Blessing of fasting  almost 3 years ago now, and I make it a practice in my walk with God periodically.

There are many reasons why someone may want to fast. The Bible has some things to say about it. In the OT the Jewish people fasted before their big spring feast and their fall feast. As well as for other religious reasons. You read about “The Daniel Fast” in chapter 1 often and many people preach on it. There are two other fasts Daniel specifically speaks about in chapter 9 and again in chapter 10.

I have found 54 different verses throughout the Old and New Testaments talking about or referring to fasting. There may be others but that was my initial research.

There are  also  roughly 15 different topics and reasons the bible discusses for fasting. Some of which are ordered by God Himself (Is 58:6, Joel 1:14/2:12), others are a response to sin or conviction. (1 Sam 7:6, Nehemiah 9:1-2) Some are for prayers or answers,(Ezra 8:23, 2 Sam 12:16, Matt. 6:18, Acts 13:3, 14:23,) others for mourning (Nehemiah 1:4, Joel 2:12) and humbling.(Deuteronomy 9:18, Ps. 35:13, 69:10)

So that being said. I think that as a christian we should fast. It’s a personal opinion you can agree or not but I honestly believe that half the reason we do not see the power in our churches and in christians outside of the church is because we do not consider this to be a part of our christian walk. Jesus said “when you fast……” (Matt. 6:16) Jesus wasn’t saying If you fast, but when. He was assuming that we would be fasting and He wanted to be sure we did it unto God to Glorify the Father. (Zech. 7:5, Matt. 6:18)

There are a few basic reason I know people to fast these days and so I will talk briefly about those few only.

1) To get something from God. Now this is a powerful tool to be used and I am a firm believer in showing God you are serious about this prayer request by demonstrating your sacrifice in order to be ready to receive this request. However this isn’t bribery. You can’t buy Gods blessings and you can’t force Gods hand. He doesn’t owe you anything and if you fast for 40 days and never see the manifestation of your prayer request there is no place for resentment or anger towards God. We do it to show God we are serious, but we trust Him to know that He will manifest it in His time and when He knows we are ready to receive the thing we request.  This is also used for the prayer request of healing self and others. The same stands true. God wants to heal, He loves to heal and it is His Heart to heal, but if you do not see healing after a fast decide in your heart you will trust Him and His plans anyhow.

2)Confession and repentance. This is a great way to clean your life from things that have currently separated you from your loving Father. Especially as He wants us to be Full of HIm and not other junky stuff. Emptying your self and going some time without meeting your fleshy desires is a great way to bring your confession and repentance before the cross and leave it there. Jesus died for those sins and He forgives for them as well. But as noted above you can’t buy God. This is not a sacrifice you are making to pay back for your sins. You can’t do anything to cleanse yourself and you can’t buy forgiveness. Simply ask and receive. Neither can you add to Jesus sacrifice. He did it ALL on the cross that day. But in a right heart and true spirit of demonstrating to God that you agree with His judgement about that sin it is often very freeing to empty your self of the world and Fill up with the Living Water. Drink deeply.

3) To get closer to God. This is usually the easiest one to keep because you’re doing it for no other reason then to just  be with your Father. There are no risks of having wrong motives or buying God like the ones above (unless you feel you will be able to see or feel God and He therefore owes you something miraculous for your sacrifice) but generally speaking if you are choosing to fast to be closer to God your heart is already in the right place! Sometimes I just want to empty myself completely and get fully filled with Him and only Him.

Some notes on what I have found fasting:

  • Day 1 is the hardest because you’re not used to it so you get those cues at the times of day you would normally be eating.
  • Day 2 is the freest. You have gone an entire day without eating and there is a certain amount of freeness you will feel to just spend that time with God. Also because you are starving your flesh and feeding your spirit you get motivation and inspiration to keep living for God and surrendering to Him.
  • Day 3 Huge burst of energy. Its amazing,but with your body clear of all the junk we usually feed it, you will find a surge of energy and an ability to focus and think more clearly and quickly.
  • Day 4 A bit sluggish. If you are like me you busted a move on day 3 and tapped all that energy for day 4 🙂 This is usually when I start day dreaming about food and craving the most simplest things. But also a great day with the bible because your resolve is strong usually so the word seems more alive and more applicable.
  • Day 5 For me I stopped thinking about food and got used to my energy level and have really just enjoyed all my time with Jesus that I feel I can do this indefinitely. Usually this is a time when You start to consider the call of Jesus and the purpose of Him having saved you out of all the millions of people. Much time is spent in quietness before the Throne and weeping at His feet in thankfulness.
  • Day 6 Humility takes a hold. You KNOW you can’t live without God in your life, and you also know you are incapable of doing anything without Him. If God wont do it then it ain’t getting done! This is often when surrender will take place as well and you resolve to do nothing without the Holy Spirit leading.
  • Day 7 a bit of an weird day if this is your last day of fasting. It was often preoccupied for me with thoughts on when “that time” was coming. This is always my lowest day cause I find myself often checking the clock and counting down. I spend as much time in prayer and quietness as possible but find my mind wandering.

Now please know this is only MY experience with fasting. I share it because people have asked me about it and as I just came out of a fast it has been fresh in my mind. I have experienced these in various degrees in shorter fasts and I have had shorter fasts that produced 100X more changes and closeness to my relationship than the longer fasts. It’s not a science or rule. It’s between You and God!

This latest fast was only 3 Days sunset to sunset and it was amazing. The best experience I have yet to have. I learned so many things and had massive amounts of energy to study the bible for hours and hours without being weary or tired. I feel it was preparation for God to move in my life-like never before and I look forward to the manifestation of all that took places over these three days. I also have a lot of material to post on now! haha 🙂

Anyhow, I hope you will pray about your fasting time with God and have the privilege of uninterrupted (by your flesh!) time with God. experience a time of refreshing and allow God to be your bread and drink!

*Acts 13:2


4 responses to “Minister to the Lord, and Fast!

  1. Bernadette says:

    I did a post recently, about the devil invading my thoughts, you see I have this desire to fast but I have never done this before and as much as I have wanted to do it I have had these negative thoughts, that I cannot do it that I wont cope… etc etc I have decided to to the Daniel Fast for 21 days, I did not know much about fasting and have gotten a lot of encouragement from friends and even bloggers that I have never et.

    I feel that this post was another confirmation for me that God wants me to do this fast.

  2. Bree says:

    That is awesome! I am so happy to hear that. It is very true, before a fast (for me it sometimes takes me days or weeks to get into a fast I have wanted to do but I often feel “the time isn’t right” or silly things like that.) Satan is a liar. I hope to hear about how the Lord is touching your life through surrender and desiring to get closer to Him no matter how your body feels physically. The Spirit is willing but the flesh is weak, – part of the amazing thing about a fast is it starves the flesh and feeds the Spirit. Soon you will be able to say The Spirit is Winning and the Flesh is dead! (Cause of death – starvation 🙂 ) God Bless You and your walk. Keep me posted!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for posting your experience. I understand the mental and spiritual preparation of fasting, but did you do anything physically to prepare yourself for your fast (i.e. gradually reduce food intake ) or did you just immediately began fasting on a given day?

  4. Bree says:

    Well actually I don’t really reduce food in take before my fast, though that’s not a bad idea! 🙂 Usually on the days before my fast I try to eat as much of the food in my house as possible so that it will all be gone by the time my appointed day arrives. But in doing this I prefer to have the day before as my “prep” day. On this day the food has pretty much been eaten and so I will typically go out to eat on this day. I try to have a larger lunch and begin my fast at sundown the day that is “technically” before my fast day. So for example I wanted to fast Thursday- Saturday this past week. Wednesday I had just a hamburger for dinner right before sundown and that was it till Saturday night. So it was kind of a lead in as I normally snack a bit after eating usually a bowl of cereal before bed is common for me. So in this way I was already neglecting that and then Thursday was water only till Saturday. Sorry I’m rambling. Hope this was useful…?

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