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Malachi 3:16

Your Calling. Do the puzzle pieces fit?

on January 9, 2012

I have always wondered about my call and purpose in life. I mean I have questioned this and sought God so many times I can’t even tell you! I have fasted and waited on the Lord hours to hear what He would tell me about His Will for my life.

I have been seeking for years. Especially since coming to Japan. Lord why am I here? What should I be doing here? Am I in your will by living here or am I complacent and settling for the easy?

These are questions I have struggled with. I have asked pastors, and spoken with guest speakers in the church, people who have the prophetic gifting and the such. And I have always gotten the same answer.

Basically I am here  – specifically in Japan for a reason and I need not to overlook the small things  I am doing for God, but I should talk to Him about what He desires for me here. Generally I get the whole ” your here and God wants you here, you will know when its time to step up, He is preparing you and when you are ready you will know what to do” type of thing. This has never been very helpful to me to be honest. I mean a little comforting but basically never told me more than I already knew.

I was so frustrated! I can easily see the gifting and callings of those around me. You can clearly see Gods hand in many of their lives and you know they are walking in the center of Gods plan for their lives. Then there’s me. I have always felt useless and like I was wasting both my time and Gods time – especially if I’m not doing what He has called me to do!

As I once again sought God for answers and clarity – I don’t know if it’s that I was finally ready to hear what He has been saying all along or what the thing is all about. BUT I finally have clarity and understanding about how this all works!

God has called each one of us. That’s right. Every single person who is alive at this very moment has a call and purpose for their lives! (I know I didn’t believe it either – I thought that was only for preachers, missionaries ect..) But NO! God’s Word says things like “ALL those called according to His purpose” (Romans 8:28) and “He has made YOU kings and priests” (Rev. 5:10)  “live a life worthy of the calling YOU have received”  (Eph. 4:1)

There are so many more verses about callings, and reasons we are created ( For HIS Glory) so it’s very clear that God has something specific and special. He has not only created us for something  but also SAVED us for something! (Note we are not saved from Hell we are saved for Gods Purposes and Glory.)

I fasted about 2 weeks ago and have since then gotten loads and loads of revelations and confirmations about things I have been praying and seeking for for years. As I said I don’t know if it’s just that this is the time God has decided to reveal parts of His plan for my life or if this is just the time I have finally been able to empty enough of Bree to receive all that God has been trying to say to me for years.

I asked a guest preacher to pray for me for my calling. I asked him to please pray that I would hear from God and be able to obey what He was telling me to walk into.  This man said something that many other people have said to me in similar situations but I don’t know if it’s just his delivery or what but it has stuck with me, and as I fasted and prayed last week  his words came back to me again and I feel it was God confirming what He spoke to my heart this past week. The man said “Bree be careful – as I feel you are looking for the spectacular but missing the miraculous. Gods will is not a secret. It is there but you are  missing it, you are looking around for something big and showy but its right there and it may just be very small in your own eyes”.

Now every time someone told me this same type of thing I instantly thought about my students. My small little 3 year olds who have grown to love Jesus and include Him in all our daily things and talk about Him as if He is right there in the room. My precious, precious babies, who God has given to me to plant seeds of Truth and Love, Hope and Eternity into their beautiful little hearts.

You probably think im a bit ridiculous to have missed it all these years, but sometimes you have so much information and it doesn’t do you any good at all, but then you get one little tidbit of revelation and it ALL makes sense! 🙂

This thing I have been worrying about and agonizing over for years has finally settled in my heart and I KNOW God has called me to Japan, to teach these amazing kids about the Love and Reality of Christ! He has shown this to me time and time again, reminded me and given me big and small clues along the way. Truth is I was looking for the spectacular (“ministry”) and missing the Miraculous!

I don’t know where you are today. Maybe you are clearly walking in your call, or maybe you know your call and your just waiting for God to align things in your life so you can pursue. But If maybe your more like me then please know – there is a call and purpose. You are Gods workmanship (Eph. 2:10) and He was serious when He created you just the way you are! Seek the Lord for your call, but don’t be silly like me – listen to what those around you may be saying about what you are good at and what comes natural for you.Its a clue to this whole puzzle we call life!

I think in my next post I’ll be talking a lot more specifically about gifting and things I have learned about discovering our gifts from the Lord. It’s all brand new to me! I am very excited and on fire for what God is doing though!!

Bless You!!!


4 responses to “Your Calling. Do the puzzle pieces fit?

  1. just1city says:

    Funny how it all just makes sense one day, isn’t it… How exciting knowing you’re exactly where God wants you to be… I have struggled with that my entire life. It’s just now starting to make sense for me as well.

    • Bree says:

      Yes! I also have come to learn (am learning!) that a lot it has to do with timing and where I am spiritually in order for me to “see” things clearly. Revelation is a funny thing that way!

  2. Scott Sholar says:

    It appears that you are already doing the thing that the Lord wants you to do. God bless you.

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