Book of Rememberance

Malachi 3:16

Life Gifts

on February 29, 2012

Gifts. They are so commonly spoken of amongst Christians it gets confusing for me to know what people are even talking about half the time! And I wonder sometimes how much emphasis should we be placing on gifting rather than giving?

We need the Spiritual gifts…and lets not begin to separate and segregate “spiritual gifts” from “physical gifts” because everything God has put in us works together in both realms.

Our spiritual gift of encouragement for example (OK I don’t exactly blossom in this area myself but its an example!) You can see it and hear it in the people who are anointed in this way, they have the ability to speak life into you with just a word or comment. This uplifts us physically and helps to soften us, bring comfort whatever it is we need at the time – physically. But in the spirit it is also stirring something , and building us up in there too. Whatever God sees fitting. They work together.

So I intended before to share what I have learned about recognizing our gifts. In this I will be talking less about the  “spiritual gifts” but focusing on our life gifts.  I believe that studying the Bible and what God says about Spiritual gifts is enough to recognize which ones you are strong/weaker in.

So the Life gifts. These are a bit more tricky. Some people you can see their gift a mile away. Easy ones are things like beauty, leadership, singing, art, math, languages, speaking, listening (think counselors) and other areas like this that tend to have “jobs” associated with them.

But how about someone like me? I – for the longest time didn’t think I had any gift. I’m a TERRIBLE singer! I can’t do math hardly at all, I have been studying French and Japanese for years and am still hardly past introductory level (clearly languages are not my thing – but I press forward refusing to give up!) So then…what can I say? God didn’t gift me at all! He forgot about me! Hes mad at me, I’m not worthy, I messed up too much. These (now) sound ridiculous. But let me be honest until fairly recently this is exactly what I thought/felt.

So, when you are looking to find your gift–its there! Just gotta open your heart and eyes and see it for what it is!

This is a very brief list of things that helped point me towards my gifts:

  • Do what you enjoy – this is a huge indicator, God puts those desires in our hearts!
  •  What are you good at? What can you do fast and easy? or What do others ask you to help/do for them cause they just cant?

Other people may say “wow look at that” to something you have done, said or made ect… this is usually a clue that your gift is in operation and others are seeing it as wonderful.

  • What do you have a desire to study or learn about?

The Following are random Gifts that I never labeled as gifts until I met people who possessed them in a special way and or didn’t and I could see that I had something from God that I never thanked Him for!

– cleaning


-deductive reasoning

-efficiency/ speed at tasks


-remembering random information that is very much needed at later dates but useless now!

-understanding facial cues and expressions

-intuition of situations and people

-practical and logical thinking



-ability to separate self from situation




Just to name a few!!! I’m sure I covered at least one thing in each person who reads this and that’s all I wanted to accomplish tonight.

Let us all take time daily to thank our Father for the wonderful gifts He has given us, and continue to pray for Him to teach us how to use them optimally for the furtherance of His Kingdom!


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