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Malachi 3:16

Nice to meet You, I like what your wearing!

on March 3, 2012

Seems like my “writers block” has finally come to an end! I was actually planning on writing about something completely unrelated to this topic today… but I have heard a comment twice this past week and it has struck me hard both times.

While having lunch one day a friend says to another friend “Did you know so-and-so was a Christian? ….I didn’t know that! Isn’t that cool!” and at the time it really hit my heart! Can it be that one’s life is so the same as non-Christians that others may not actually know something so vital about you?! It made me think about myself! I also thought wow, I wonder if she told that to him… was he so insulted? I mean what could be a bigger insult to a Christian than “I didn’t know you were a Christian.” Terrifying.

I didn’t think too much about it until today when another friend replied in much the same manner about their acquaintance. Now at first glance it may seem a bit.. likely that an acquaintance maybe wouldn’t be able to see the Christ in you….and if this was a short little meeting and or a passing hello I would possibly agree. However when meal eating is involved it should seem impossible that someone who loves Jesus wholeheartedly would somehow manage to elude another of whether or not their devotion was in fact wholehearted.

Immediately my first thought was “what about me?!” Oh no! Could it be that I am one of these people? I don’t know these other people whom Christians apparently can’t tell if they are Christians but I know me! and I know this is a serious question I need to ask myself. What do people see when they see me? Who do they meet? Do they meet Jesus? I always remember the very famous saying “you may be the only Jesus people ever meet” (like wise “you may be the only Bible people ever read”) But it is very true!

Now I feel inclined to mention that I do not think talking about being a Christian is the answer to this. I know and have been in the past that kind of christian! You know the one with the cross necklace and the “I’m a Christian” banner…but no fruit in my life, my attitude was all wrong, I was not living my life abiding in the Word, and though I managed to get onto the narrow path in those areas I still had one huge disobedience – I was deeply involved with the sweetest most amazingly unequally yoked man of my dreams! To put it straight I was living outside of Gods Will and trying to make it all fit together anyhow.

Telling people you’re a christian is not the solution, this only causes hypocrisy if you are not in fact living as you should… and outsiders know this, They wont be fooled by your words!

No, Jesus says they (everyone else!) will know you by your fruit. If you are a disciple of Christ, then it will be plain as day. They will SEE the Christ in you (actions you do or do not do), they will HEAR the Christ in you (things you do and do not speak about) and they will EXPERIENCE the Christ in you (you bring Him into every situation.)We are commanded to put on Christ. (Romans 13:14) What are you wearing today?

Still worrying about this, I  did some checking… you know just to be sure! I asked others about their 1st thoughts about me before we talked… many said I was a very friendly person and the most welcoming or helpful. Nothing that really encouraged me too much. (many don’t need Jesus to be kind or helpful.) Another said she knew I was a Christian immediately (I didn’t ask about my Christian-ness at all, I simply asked what their first thought of me was whether we talked or not) but she said she overheard me in my classroom talking to another student who was misbehaving and she said she knew right away I was different because she heard me say to the three-year old “aren’t you a man of integrity? How do we treat others in our class?” and she said that could only be a standard of behaviour expected from a Christian who truly believed in God. That was coming from a self professing non-Christian! So at least for the moment I was satisfied with the answer. But honestly, Jesus gives us a strong warning-that we will be known by our fruit (John 13:35, Mathew 7:16) and we show Him we love Him if we obey His Word. (John 14:15, 14:23, 15:10 1John 2:4)

I hope this will stir something in your heart today also, and cause you to step back and ask…. Who do people meet when they meet me?

I pray the fruit of Christ will be evident in our lives and we will make Jesus known to those around us just by simply being there! Through Jesus who gives us all the power and strength to live abiding in Him. (John 15:4) From Him who does all the workings of God….making us what we ought to be! (Phil 2:13) In Jesus name.


4 responses to “Nice to meet You, I like what your wearing!

  1. Robin White says:

    Well said, Bree. Hadn’t thought about it that way, but wow, yeah, I definitely want the first impression people have of me to be a Jesusy one.

  2. Bree says:

    Thanks for reading! And me too, I have tons of work still needing done in this area but, its good to keep our selves in check to be sure right.

  3. I like your new look! Sorry I haven’t been on here; my email address changed and it wasn’t sending your posts. I am encouraged to see a young woman (like myself) striving after God instead of posting about the latest movies.

    Keep it up, my sister in Christ!

    • Bree says:

      Hey! Thanks a bunch for stopping by and even commenting! Means so much. Actually I haven’t been able to post much the past little while, but by Gods loving healing I feel more up to it now. I hope my new posts will be as helpful to others as much as to my own heart. Thanks again for stopping by!!

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