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Malachi 3:16


Hello everyone! (well anyone who is still out there!)

It has been a long while since my last post, and even then they were far and fewer between. You can skip all the ramblings and go straight to my newest post here. or…keep on reading!

I guess I could go on and give my reasons why I stopped writing for such a long time and all that stuff, but fact is I just didn’t feel like it. Sad but true. I had SO MANY moments in the past 6 months where I was thinking “this would be an excellent thing to share with others!” but when it came down to it, the moment passed and I just couldn’t get myself to sit here and explain! I regret many of the moments I missed, even now I can not think of them when at the time I seriously thought to myself “this will be great to share, and I will never forget this since it is so awesome!” But ….I can’t remember!

I mostly regret it due to the fact that my purpose in writing in the first place was for that EXACT reason! To just have a “book of Remembrance” of all the incredible things God gets credit for. I used to have those same moments years before I started this blog and filled up notebooks (which I lost along the way) I always wanted to keep records of Gods changing work in my life.  I thought the computer would make it easier and simpler for me to record Gods awesome deeds, and remind me that God is a great God who is present and active in my life. (Sometimes I hate to admit that I forget that!) It did for while…. but then that too came and went for me. I hope that this day will be the renewal of my desire to take time to remember God’s work, for my sake and my memories! (And anyone else out there that may find is pretty awesome what God is up to in others’ lives!)

Anyhow, I wanted to start with something interesting that I learned a while back, and though it will be brief and to the point, God willing I plan to come back to the topic again another time. So now, I will close this post and begin a new one (just in case you aren’t in the mood to read it all, you can just go straight to the lesson next visit.



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Blessed are the Peacemakers

So a few months back I was doing a Beth Moore study on the Fruit of the Spirit. She spoke a little about peacemakers (vs. peacekeepers). It perked my ears a bit and I began to check out my bible and other passages in scripture that taught on the same theme. It was months ago and so I will paraphrase what I learned from the study, learned on my own and got from the Bible – in no particular order. I wont be able to even tell you at this point which is which! It is all one lesson in my head and so I will share what I learned but I want to be clear that ALL of this is not original to my own ideas, I can not take credit for anything that may sound intelligent.


Peacemaker -a person who brings about peace, especially by reconciling adversaries.

Peacekeeper – refers to one involved in activities that tend to create conditions that favor peace.

At first glance they seem almost the same, interchangeable and ideal. But fact is that peacekeeper is never used in the bible (at least not in the KJV) but peacemaker is used a few times over.

In the Strong’s Concordance you can find these 5 entries: 1514, 1515, 1516, 1517 and 1518. All talking about making peace or having made peace.

So if we think about the act of making peace (instead of just keeping the peace) we can already anticipate a struggle or trying time. Making peace usually will involve a confrontation of some sort, wouldn’t you agree? Have you ever made peace with a person or situation without having to confront? I cannot think of a single time when I intended or was required to make peace, that I did not have to do something…and in most if not all the cases….it wasn’t easy on my flesh!

Peacekeeping on the other hand is just the opposite. It typically will involve NOT confronting the situation or person, and just “keep the peace”. Keep quiet, don’t rock the boat. We want peace not a confrontation after all. It is the passive side of having peace…..and if we can be honest this usually does not work long term for us. This typically happens by us ignoring our feelings, opinions and what we think is right and just for the sake of “peace”. But internally we will not have peace at all! We will be annoyed at the least and bitter or resentful at the worst.

–side note– I understand that I am over simplifying things, and that in some cases confronting will not be the best option, and keeping quiet will truly be the Godly action for us to take. We need to be discerning of when to confront and when not to, and also WHAT to confront and what not to.  In the case of the contrast between the peacemaker and the peacekeeper I am talking about black and white, Biblical sound situations where the right thing to do for a friend, loved one, and self would be to confront with love and truth….but we just don’t want to deal with it and so we take the peacekeeper route instead..–

The Bible tells us that the Peacemakers will be blessed. I know I have a lot of growing up to do, and maturity is needed to deal with people and situations I would rather ignore and wish away. But this is not helpful to any of us, and we definitely can not grow and get passed these things if we are not willing to deal with a little mess and MAKE peace that will be long term and eventually lead to everlasting reconciliation.

We desire to live peaceably both with others but also within ourselves. Both are necessary to experience the peace of God, who is not just a peacemaker of external situations but even more importantly internal!


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