Book of Rememberance

Malachi 3:16

Bondage and Freedom

I was reading the other day and came across something that really made me appreciate God’s precepts all the more. The quote that jumped out at me impacted my understanding of why God goes to such lengths to make sure we know His Ways and what His Laws really are. I’m sure you have heard it said many times that God’s rules are for our good and not to keep us from happiness? Most parents and people who spend time with children are easily able to understand this concept but it is still so hard to live out sometimes! I also find it even harder to explain and express to non believers about why I do or do not want to do certain things. It’s always usually a matter of them feeling much more “free” to make their own choices and not have to answer to anyone (yet!) but this little snippet might come in handy next time I find myself in a situation with a non-believer who may not be able to understand my lifestyle.

“Freedoms have but corresponding bondage, example one can be free from teeth brushing but then be in bondage to cavities. Likewise, being free from cavities negates ones bondage to brushing. You really cannot enjoy freedom from one without a bondage to the other.”

In a Christian’s life, we have some guardrails the Lord put down clearly for us, in order to keep us free from certain things that would be destructive and detrimental to us. However, we can be clear we are in a sort of bondage to the Lord as we follow His regulations. but how free we are from the horrible bondage that we have traded in!

So from now on, when people make comments about how I can’t do anything, and God is a Dictator over my life, I may just respond with a positive YES! and I am so thankful He is, because I may be in bondage to following His rules and His ways, but I am oh-so-free from sin, destruction, shame, and guilt and ultimate death that always follow going my own way and the way of those in bondage to the world.

Problem is they do not know they are in bondage too. My own may seem a bit more overt, but theirs is taking a toll on their life – make no mistake. They are slaves to society, its governing leader satan, and following the norms and expectations of those around them, also slaves to not offending others, fearing what others may think or say about them and in real bondage to having to take care of themselves. I am Free from all of that! On top of it all I get to serve a real King in a real Kingdom, who is for His people, and has done everything in His power to make my life worth living. Who better to bind myself to then the One who can exceed at everything I can not?

Are you free today to bind yourself in bondage to be a slave to the Master of love, kindness, goodness, patience, holiness and beauty?

This comic sums up what I was thinking in about 5 seconds! and You can find Paul’s’ (much better!) explanation of this whole topic in Romans chapter 6, so choose this day who you will serve!



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That’s how I have been feeling these days. It’s as if God has placed me in a small box and turned the heat up. He has been using this as an opportunity to mature and grow me in areas that I have been struggling with for a long time.

I am so thankful He has done it “incubation style” instead of what I have been begging for. He knows I likely can not handle being baptized with fire. [Matt. 3:11]  (Though, I do still ask for this almost daily!) I can honestly say I feel the heat but I know this is nothing that I could be living out if God were to actually give me what I ask for. Yikes.

For quite a while I have been really feeling like God has been preparing me and working on me for something, problem is for over a year I have yet to discover what this “something” actually is! It is frustrating to have an inclination toward something, yet not know what it is your waiting for. I wonder how many others deal with this type of feeling in their relationship with the Holy Spirit?

It is kinda frustrating! but I submit to Him and His ways, I know they are far above my own! And in the meantime I will continue to desire more of Him. I have been blessed with a lot of “free time”recently since I am not working and do not have any real responsibilities outside of keeping the house up and cooking dinner. Its been so strange to have so much time, but I have decided and made a point to not waste this time but to redeem it for the Glory of my Lord.

I have been called to spend much more time in prayer, and thanks to all of this time I now have, I am able to intercede like never before and spend more time waiting on the Lord and listening to Him as well. This has been one of the things I have prayed about since getting married – and God has opened the door for me to commit myself to extended bouts of prayer. I refuse to ignore this call and I refuse to waste the time. (for the days are evil! Eph. 5:16)

Pray without Ceasing!

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